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How To Become an Influencer in Your Industry 😎 Andrew & Pete VS Dan & Lloyd: Episode 2


💂 Fancy learning how to get more people to do what you want them to do (AKA build your influence)?

😳 Ok, how about seeing Dan get covered in crap at the same time?

💩 In Episode 2 of Andrew & Pete vs Dan & Lloyd, Dan explains how to build your influence whilst Lloyd covers him in crap ( <<< click to tweet this)

😲 If you’re looking to read through the tips then scroll down (but you’ll be missing out if you don’t watch the video 😉).


How To Become an Influencer in Your Industry 😎 Andrew & Pete VS Dan & Lloyd: Episode 2


The Challenge

This is the challenge Andrew & Pete sent us.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I recovered this from the bin.


The Tips

#1 Knowledge

✅ DO

Focus on being the best at what you do & learning before announcing yourself as an influencer to the world.

If you want to up your business knowledge, check out our Top 10 Business Audiobooks EVER.


Pretend that you know things that you don’t. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say if you are genuine. Learn more about Fake Influencers here.

You’re on a journey to become more influential in your industry, document that journey.


#2 Audience

✅ DO

Go out of your way to help your community (give, give, give).


Think you can just buy followers and become influential (it won’t work).


#3 Content

✅ DO

Create content which fulfils your audience’s needs rather than your own. What types of content do they want to consume whilst online?

Check out these 20 Results-Driven Social Media Content Ideas.


Create content which is purely focused on showing how much of an ‘influencer’ you are. You’ll end up looking like Tai Lopez (people are starting to avoid this kind of shady character).


#4 Speak at Events

✅ DO

Provide value + entertainment + audience participation whilst speaking on stage. Keep the buggers interested!

Learn how to become a speaker and grow your business here.


Jump on stage and oversell, bore your audience, talk at the audience for large amounts of time without any activities to break it up.


#5 Networking

✅ DO

Build real relationships by focusing on making friends, not sales (read this article about how not to act when networking).


Focus on selling or speak about yourself too much.


Over To You

After reading/watching this, what action are you going to take to build your influence to the next level? Let me know in the comments below!

Daniel Knowlton
Daniel Knowlton

Dan is the award winning Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing who was named #12 Most Influential Digital Marketer on Twitter in the world in 2016 by Onalytica. Dan is a contributor for a variety of key marketing publications including Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and Jeff Bullas’ Blog. He is also a keen speaker and has spoken at events internationally for a variety of organisations including NatWest and The Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors. Dan has a passion for helping others learn how to get to grips with Digital Marketing and is obsessed with providing value for his community.