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Social Media Marketing Tools 2018 😎 Andrew & Pete VS Dan & Lloyd: Episode 4


🔨 Want to discover some of the best social media marketing tools in 2018?

😳 Ok, how about seeing Lloyd and I play a game of social media tools speak out and complete some embarrassing secret missions (one involving Lloyd’s pants getting wet)?

🛠 In Episode 4 of Andrew & Pete vs Dan & Lloyd, we dive into some of the latest and greatest social media marketing tools of 2018.

👇 If you want instant access to the tools, simply scroll down.

Social Media Marketing Tools 2018 🤓 Andrew & Pete VS Dan & Lloyd: Episode 4


The Challenge

This is the challenge Andrew & Pete sent us.


The Secret Missions


2018 Social Media Marketing Tools

Tool #1Twitter Unfollow All

🤔 What does it do?

Twitter Unfollow All is a google chrome plugin that systematically unfollows accounts that you follow on Twitter (around 300 accounts per minute).


🎯 Why use it?

Ok, this is a pretty controversial tool, however, it can help you take control of your cluttered newsfeed.

If you follow 100+ people on Twitter, you’ll notice it’s impossible to use your newsfeed.

After unfollowing everyone in one click, you can start to follow the accounts you really want to hear from in your Twitter newsfeed.

Credit goes to Lucy Hall who shared this article (written by Geoff Desreumaux on We Are Social Media) and helped me clear up my own Twitter feed.



🤓 How to use it

How To Use Twitter Unfollow All


💸 Price



Tool #2Buzzsumo

🤔 What does it do?

Buzzsumo is a research and monitoring tool that allows you to;

1. Find content that has the highest number of shares on social media (content can be found via keyword search or domain)

2. Find trending content (filtered by country and industry)

3. Discover backlinks to a chosen domain

4. Discover common questions being asked by your audience

5. Identify Influencers

6. Monitor mentions based on keywords, brands, links, author name and domain


🎯 Why use it?

It’s easy to use, has a good free version and is great for content research, social listening and influencer identification.


🤓 How to use it

Buzzsumo 2018 Features


💸 Price

FREE – $499+/month


Tool #3Cutstory

🤔 What does it do?

Cutstory is a mobile App that very easily splits videos up into shorter segments (perfect for posting on Instagram Stories).

You can cut videos up into any size clips from 1 second to 60 seconds


🎯 Why use it?

It saves you time. You can record videos for as long as you want with your mobile camera and then chop them up easily. Rather than creating individual 15-second videos on Instagram Stories.


🤓 How to use it

How To Use Cutstory


💸 Price

FREE – $0.99


Tool #4Hashtagger (ios & Android)

🤔 What does it do?

Hashtagger is a mobile App that generates the latest top hashtags being used related to your chosen hashtag.

You can then easily copy the relevant hashtags and paste them to Instagram to increase the exposure of your content.


🎯 Why use it?

It saves you a ton of time and helps you increase the exposure of your Instagram content with minimal effort.


🤓 How to use it

How To Use Hashtagger


💸 Price



Tool #5Inshot (ios & Android)

🤔 What does it do?

Inshot is an easy-to-use video editing App with some really cool features.

You can easily edit the videos to different sizes to make them suitable for different platforms. It’s also got some cool moving animations, text and more.


🎯 Why use it?

The App is easy to use and you can create some really cool edited video content in no time.

Like this recent vlog of my trip to Bulgaria.

And this one from the On The Tools Awards.

And this one from our trip to Lithuania.

And this one from our 51km charity walk.

I could go on…


🤓 How to use it

InShot Video Editing App - Tutorial (Editing A Video)


💸 Price



Over To You

Which of these tools will you be trying after reading this blog? Do you have any cool tools you could add to the mix? Let me know in the comments below!


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