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How To Turn Photos Into Stunning Videos in Seconds


😈 Have you ever found an App so good that you kind of don’t want to tell other people about it?

😳 Ok, I admit it, this was me a few weeks back.

🤳 The App I’m talking about is Moshow and the videos you can create are so good and so easy to make it’s sickening.

😲 I literally had people tweeting me like, ‘love the editing Dan’ (the video took 30 seconds to make).

Here are some examples…

A post shared by DanielKnowlton (@danknowlton1) on

A post shared by DanielKnowlton (@danknowlton1) on

I told you it was good!

In this blog I’m going to walk you through how to make a photo slideshow video like this in under 30 seconds.

This won’t take long.

How To Turn Photos Into Stunning Videos in Seconds

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📹 How to turn photos into stunning videos in seconds.

😨 I admit it…I almost didn't want to share this with you all because it is SO good.

😟 I wanted to keep it all for myself.

😀 That soon changed, click the link for the full tutorial.

Posted by KPS Digital Marketing on Friday, 15 December 2017


Step #1 Download the App

The App is currently only available for iOs users in the App store (sorry android users). Click here from your iOs device to download.


Step #2  Choose photos

Click ‘MAKE A MOSHOW’ and tap the photos you’d like to use. Then click ‘Add’ when you’re happy.

I’m going to make a ‘funniest moments of 2017’ slideshow for this example.

You can choose from 1 – 100+ images to go in your slideshow.

Now, to make this a good piece of video content, you need to think strategically.

What set of images could you put together to create something your audience will want to watch?

Can’t think?

Here are some ideas for you!

10 Awesome Moshow Slideshow Ideas


Step #3 Choose slideshow style

There are a ton of great slideshows to choose from, just click through the different styles on the screen and then stay with the one which tickles your fancy.

The one you currently have chosen will have a yellow box around it.


Step #4 Add text

You don’t have to add text to each photo, but if you want to, here’s how.

Click the pencil & paper icon. Then type the text you’d like on each image.

There aren’t currently many options to change the style and format of the text, but I’m sure this will improve in future updates.


Step #5 Choose audio

Click the audio icon next to the pencil and paper.

Then, click through each track until you find one that you like.

You can’t currently add your own music, but if you did want to do this here’s how;

1. Choose the ‘No Music’ option.

2. Save the slideshow (top right).

3. Download copyright free music and put it on your phone (No copyright sounds & Vlog No Copyright Music are good).

4. Download a video editing App that allows you to add any music to videos e.g. Inshot (Apple or Android)

5. Add the music to the video in the App.


Step #6 Create slideshow video

All that is left to do is click ‘Save’ in the top right of the screen.

The video will then be saved to your camera roll.

Now you can upload this stunning video to the social media channels, your website and more!

Drum roll please…here’s the video!

A post shared by DanielKnowlton (@danknowlton1) on


Over To You

Click here to download the App and begin creating stunning videos from your photos in seconds.

Daniel Knowlton
Daniel Knowlton

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