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December 22, 2015
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15 most viral Marketing posts from the Pros in 2015

Are you looking to learn from the most valuable, useful marketing content created in 2015? Then look no further!

We've used Buzzsumo to round up the 15 most viral marketing posts from the pros in 2015. Buzzsumo measures the amount of times content has been shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Combine this awesome tool with our passion for incredibly high quality marketing content sources and you have 2015's most valuable list of viral marketing posts to learn from!
Original Article: Confessions of a Google Spammer

This intense blog post discusses how an inbound marketer once made $50,000 a month spamming Google. He worked a maximum of 10 hours a week. And he discusses why, from the bottom of his heart: never, never ever follow in his footsteps.
Original Article: 28 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2015 From the Pros

This detailed blog post provides an insight into 28 social media pros predictions of what Social media Marketing was going to look like in 2015. These guys really do know their stuff!
Original Article: 20 Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)

This great blog post provides lots of great nuggets of information to help you discover 20 of the lesser-known hidden features on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I bet there are at least 5 you didn't know!
Original Article: 33 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2015

Jeff Bullas provides an informative insight into some impressive social media facts and statistics. 3 billion active internet users, 2.1 billion social media accounts, 3.65 billion mobile users and more!
Original Article: The Biggest Social Media Science Study: What 4.8 Million Tweets Say About the Best Time to Tweet

Buffer is an amazing Social Media Automation tool and they create some amazing content (I've created a buffer set up tutorial here which you may find handy: Social Media Automation: A quick start guide for beginners, and also a second tutorial using buffer here: How to find, upload and recycle your greatest ever tweets in 2 minutes).

In this seriously awesome post which is bursting with valuable info, Buffer provide an incredible insight into the optimum time to Tweet for various types of engagement. 4.8 million Tweets were analysed across 10,000 profiles - this is some in depth research which you need to read.
Original Article: How to Hire a Content Marketing Manager

Digital Marketer go into great detail to provide a hiring kit which will give you the guidance needed to hire the right Content Marketing Manager, the first time. They have not missed a single thing out here, even providing a job posting template!
Original Article: 6 Underappreciated Skills for Social Media Professionals

Hootsuite delve into the ever present misjudgement that social media Professionals 'play on Facebook all day'. If you are a social media professional then this is a must read - show your friends and family there's more to your job then 'playing on Facebook all day'!
Original Article: Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die - Whiteboard Friday (9,400 shares)

Moz are seriously awesome (which is why I created a tutorial for one of their awesome tools here: Followerwonk Tutorial: Supercharge your Twitter Strategy). In this top notch blog & video, Rand talks about where we should be aiming, and how to get there when looking at creating content which ranks in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
Original Article: The Big List: 80 Of The Hottest SEO, Social Media & Digital Analytics Tools For Marketers

Author: @johnelincoln from Ignite Visibility.

Marketing tools are a hot topic for marketers, but which ones should you be using? Marketing Land have created an extensive list of 80 of the hottest Digital Marketing tools out there. They even list the varying prices for the tools and if they are free - well worth a read!
Original Article: How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and More)

How often have you come up with an idea that’s too big and too important for a single blog post, but you’re not ready to write a book? Sound familiar? This in depth blog post outlines exactly how to develop and share content in a short series of blog posts organised around a common theme - awesome read.
Original Article: 10 Key Factors That Will Determine the Future of Google+

Google+ seems to be the social network that people love to hate. The industry almost has an internal clock about when to print the next article about Google+ dying. So what’s the real story here? Is Google+ going to die soon? Should you invest time in it? Copyblogger provide all the answers in this detailed blog!
Original Article: The Ultimate Social Network Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

So many social media networks! So many limits on image characteristics and the number of text characters! How can you keep track of the different image and text requirements of each platform? This incredibly valuable infographic shared by MarketingProfs provides all the answers.

Looking to make your own awesome social media imagery for free with little effort? Read & watch our guide: How to create Awesome Graphics like a Pro
Original Article: Increase Your Websites Profits With This Secret Income Source

If you haven't heard of Matthew Woodward before you have got to check his content out! He is one of my favourite content creators and he has taught me so, so much! This great blog tutorial on Matthews website walks you step by step through the process of setting up and using paid link shorteners - a must read!
Original Article: An introduction to Mobile SEO

Smart Insights create some really detailed content (especially their templates) and this is no exception. Thanks to the increasing boom of portable devices, webmasters should be highly concerned with their mobile SEO plan. This detailed guide on mobile SEO will help newcomers understand some of the key issues.
Original Article: An introduction to Mobile SEO

Matthew Barby was one of the first Digital Marketing content creators I discovered and he is 100% one of my favourite! His detailed tutorials are unrivalled - please do check his content out! In this detailed blog, Matthew shares the SaaS SEO blueprint he used to gain 1,000,000 pageviews in 12 months
Daniel Knowlton
Daniel Knowlton

Dan is the award winning Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing who was named #12 Most Influential Digital Marketer on Twitter in the world in 2016 by Onalytica. Dan is a contributor for a variety of key marketing publications including Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and Jeff Bullas’ Blog. He is also a keen speaker and has spoken at events internationally for a variety of organisations including NatWest and The Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors. Dan has a passion for helping others learn how to get to grips with Digital Marketing and is obsessed with providing value for his community.