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12 Ways To Use Instagram Stories Highlights for Business


🤔 Do you use Instagram for business?

✅ Would you like to convert more Instagram profile visitors into followers?

😲 If you’re not being creative with the new ‘Instagram Stories Highlights’ feature, then you’re missing a trick!

👀 Read on to find out what the heck Instagram Stories Highlights are, why you need to use them and examples from brands, celebs and entrepreneurs who are using them in creative ways.

12 Ways To Use Instagram Stories Highlights for Business

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🤔 Do you use Instagram for business?

✅ Would you like to convert more Instagram profile visitors into followers?

😲 If you’re not being creative with the new ‘Instagram Stories Highlights’ feature, then you’re missing a trick!

👀 Read the full article and learn;

✅ What the new Instagram feature is
✅ Why you should be using it
✅ How to use it (video tutorial)
✅ 15 video examples of brands & Influencers using the feature well

Featuring examples from; Gary Vaynerchuk, Nicole Bremner, Social Media Examiner & Michael Stelzner, Entrepreneur, KFC, Chris Kubbernus, Steven Bartlett, Enlight Photofox, Kim Kardashian West, Chris Ducker, Roberto Blake Create Awesome, Amy Landino, Tai Lopez & Jamie Oliver.

Posted by KPS Digital Marketing on Monday, 15 January 2018


What is Instagram Stories Highlights?

Instagram Stories Highlights is a new(ish) feature announced by Instagram on December 5th.

This feature allows you to group your Instagram stories into highlights and feature them at the top of your profile. They won’t vanish after 24 hours.

See an example of what they look like on my Instagram profile below.


Why use Instagram Stories Highlights?

Lots of accounts use Instagram storiesbut very few accounts are using this feature really well.

So, there is a huge opportunity to get creative and stand out. Featured highlight videos are a great opportunity to convert more profile visitors into followers by showing off your best content.

Need more reasons to create Instagram Stories Highlights? Here you go;

✅ They are quick, easy and free to make.

✅ They get a lot of exposure as they are pinned to the top of your profile.

✅ They’re new so people will be intrigued to click on them.


How To Create An Instagram Stories Highlight

The new feature is incredibly simple to use. Check out the screen recording below.


Have you heard of Instagram’s new(ish) Instagram Stories Highlights feature?

This video shows you how easy it is to make one.

We’re dropping an article later today that shows 12 different ways to use the feature + examples of brands executing each well.

Posted by Daniel Knowlton on Friday, 12 January 2018


12 Ways To Use Instagram Stories Highlights

Example #1  Calls To Action

Tell them the action you want them to take. Be as creative, interesting, fun and entertaining as possible.


Example #2 Vlog Promotion

Instagram Stories Highlights are a great opportunity to promote your vlog!


Example #3  Podcast Previews

If you run a podcast, provide a taster of what people can expect if they tune in.


Example #4 Show Your Fun Side

Be creative. Show your personality. People love to see your fun side.


Example #5  Speaker Reel

Do you want to promote yourself as a speaker? Put together a speaker reel and upload it to your Instagram Stories Highlights.


Example #6  Tips & Advice

Share your most valuable tips in a highlights video to convince profile visitors that you are worth following.


Example #7 User Generated Content

Audience engagement is key to a successful Instagram strategy. Featuring their content is a great way to strengthen those relationships too.

Enlight Photofox Instagram Stories Hoghlights


Example #8  Products & Services

Show off your products and services. To make this more interesting, why not show your audience the best ways to use your products or services.


Example #9  Giveaways

Get profile visitors to enter your competitions and win prizes.


Example #10 Personal Life

People want to know if you’re a good fit before deciding to work with you. Make their life easier by showing them what you are truly like behind closed doors.


Example #11  Instagram Stories Highlights Reel

Put together a collection of clips that show the variations of content you post on Instagram stories.


Example #12  Gain Audience Insights

Use Instagram’s poll feature to gain valuable audience/ market insights.


Over To You

It’s time to take action. How will you use Instagram Stories Highlights?

Daniel Knowlton
Daniel Knowlton

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