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Who is Dan Knowlton?

Dan has been ranked as a Top #100 Digital Marketing Influencer by Onalytica and went from knowing nothing about Digital & Social Media Marketing to growing a multi-award-winning, 6 figure Digital Marketing Agency with his brother Lloyd in under 2.5 years.

There’s no magic pill or ‘become a millionaire in 5 steps ebook’ mentioned when Dan speaks on stage.

Dan gives everything away and shares practical, tactical advice that he has implemented and had success with.

Dan's delivery is energetic, interactive and fun. Your audience will not be disappointed, we guarantee it.

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What's Dan like on stage?

Energetic, fun, informative, entertaining, but don't take our word for it.

Audience members flock to Twitter to share their live feedback whilst watching Dan on stage, scroll down to see some examples below.

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What They Say

  • I was totally inspired by social media expert and entrepreneur Daniel Knowlton. He spoke at our conference in Birmingham with such passion, charisma and knowledge in front of major organisations and senior players. I am still buzzing from his energy. He is just great to work with and delivers.
    Matt Taylor
    Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • Dan can expertly speak on a wide selection of digital topics and it is always tailored to the appropriate audience. I have asked him back again to speak at our Digital In Kent conference as I know that he will deliver, as always, on the latest and hottest topics. I have no hesitation in recommending Dan.
    Carole Black
    Best Business Events
  • As a professional event organizer we highly recommend Daniel Knowlton as a speaker on conferences, seminars and trainings about Digital Marketing and especially Social Media Marketing & Advertising. Daniel is one of the best speakers we have worked within the last 5 years. We are currently organizing more events with Daniel Knowlton in different countries - Serbia & Croatia.
    Ivo Nikolov
    Master Events Ltd
  • KPS created a bespoke social media session for our Strategy Day to teach our 120 employees how we can effectively use social media for business. The session was really engaging with Dan using a combination of video examples and setting team challenges throughout. We had great reviews on the session afterwards with even some of our most ‘social media savvy’ employees having learned something new and effective!
    Angela Middleton
    Middleton Murray


Stop Video Marketing Like It's 2017

There's a commmon reason why most businesses aren't getting the results they want from the time, money and resources they invest in video marketing.

That reason is based on not fully understanding these 3 things;

1. The #1 factor that influences the success of your video content

2. How to utilise this information to develop a strategy that generates better results

3. The specific steps needed to apply this information to your own business

In this keynote, not only will your audience learn all of the above , they'll have a blast whilst taking part in the interactive video marketing gameshow including challenges, live experiments and the chance to win prizes.

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How To Tell Your Story on Social Media Like a Pro

Social media platforms continue to evolve into storytelling machines. First Snapchat, then Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Whatsapp Status and more.

Most people understand what a story is, but struggle to effectively tell their story across the constantly changing social media landscape.

In this keynote, you'll be taken on a journey where you'll learn;

1. How social media platforms have evolved and what that means for business

2. A structured process to turn any boring business history into a vibrant story

3. The tools, tactics and tips you can use to effectivly tell that story on social media and generate real, tangible ROI

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Personal Brand & Influence Building Masterclass

As business owners, marketeers and entrepreneurs, we're constantly trying to convince our audience to take specific calls to action.

The more your audience knows, likes and trust you, the more influence you have over them and the more they'll do what you ask them to do.

How do you build this know, like, trust and influence?

In this keynote, Dan shares the specific tactics him and his brother implemented to grow his personal brand and build a 6-figure agency in under 2.5 years with a team of just 2.

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[Enter Your Custom Keynote Here]

Looking for Dan to deliver a keynote on a different topic? No problem!

We're happy to put together a keynote on anything we have experience and expertise in.

Start a conversation now and let us know what you're looking for. Here is some inspiration for the types of topics we could cover;

⭐ Social Media Marketing ⭐ Content Marketing ⭐ Video Marketing ⭐ Personal Branding ⭐ Building Influence ⭐ Becoming a keynote speaker ⭐ Building confidence on stage & camera ⭐ Family Business ⭐+ more!

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