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The Digital & Social Media Marketing World changes a lot. The Friday Club members will hear about the most important changes each week.

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The Friday Club members get access to 'the best bits' of everything we consume. Videos, articles, audiobooks, podcasts, the lot!

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We're going to feature Friday Club members that stand out. If you've got something interesting to share, let us know.

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What is The Friday Club?

It's kind of like fight club, but without the fighting and with a weekly email that includes all of the best content, social media platform updates, Apps, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Industry updates, videos and more that we've discovered that week.

⛔ There’s no automated string of emails drip fed to you.

One email per week, written and sent on a Friday, that's it.

We have no idea what the email will include until it gets to Friday and we look back at the 'best bits' of everything since the previous Friday.

We'll also be doing giveaways, sharing discount codes to marketing events and any significant lessons that we've learnt from growing our own business.

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Why join The Friday Club?

Because you'll get a lot of value from it. Plus it's not some covered up marketing strategy to try and get you to become a customer.

We genuinely believe that this simplified format of everything incredible that we've consumed in a week (we consume a lot), will be unbelievably valuable to anyone in business that wants to get better at marketing.

We're really excited to build the Friday Club into a cool community of business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs that get shit done.

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