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May 4, 2017
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May 19, 2017
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How To Create Images On Your Smartphone That Will Get You Noticed

📱 Do you have a smartphone?

📷  Do you want to create EPIC Social media images using nothing but your smartphone?

🔥 In this article we share our top 5 apps to help you create amazing Images while you’re on the go.

👇 Check out the sort of images you can create with these apps on your smartphone… EPIC ?

How To Create EPIC Images On Your Mobile

Why do I need Epic images? I’ve just taken a selfie, is that OK? ?

I’m sure your friends and family would love a standard selfie, but this isn’t OK for your business.

Social Media is noisy, therefore your business needs to fight for attention! This means you need do be better than everyone else to get noticed.

Go the extra mile.

Get noticed.

Grow your business.


If you want your images to get noticed on Social Media, these 5 apps can get you there…

Epic Image App #1  

Wordswag | Text just got a lot less boring!

✔️ Wordswag App for Iphone | £4.99

✔️ Wordswag App for Android | £3.49

Created on the WordSwag App

WordSwag says: “Word Swag magically turns your words into beautiful photo text designs!”

We Say: Word Swag is an amazing app for the classic “quote image” that we see so much on Instagram or Facebook. We love the way you can type your text and explore so many different styles so easily. It’s more pricey than our other apps but it’s so easy to use!



Epic Image App #2  

Inshot | Make Any Image Perfect For Any Platform

✔️ InShot App for Iphone | Free

✔️ InShot App for Android | Free

Created on the InShot App

InShot says: Best video editor and photo editor with music, emoji, text and blur border.

We Say: InShot is amazing for repurposing your images (and videos). It has lots of great features but the most useful feature is the canvas feature. This allows you to crop any image to preset sizes that are best for each social media platform.


Epic Image App #3  

Enlight | Other Image Editing Apps Better Up Their Game!

✔️ Enlight App for Iphone | £3.99

❌ Enlight App for Android | Sorry! No Enlight for Android users!

Created on the Enlight App

Enlight says: Wish you didn’t have to use so many apps to edit a single photo? You don’t.
Download Enlight – it’s every photo app you’ve ever needed, wanted, or dreamed of – combined into one powerful, beautifully designed photo editor.

We Say: There’s a reason this is the number one photo app in 128 countries. The ability to easily merge two photos and a range of great artistic effects allows you to get really creative with your images. If you’re a creative person but haven’t explored your creativity through creating images on your smartphone, you need this app!

The praise for Enlight doesn’t end there! We love that the Enlight team are constantly putting out great video tutorials to help us get the most out of this app. Check our the Enlight Facebook page and YouTube Channel for more videos like this one.

Live: Double Exposure Tutorial + Expert Tips


Epic Image App #4  

Snapseed | Who Needs Photoshop? We’ve Got Snapseed.

✔️ Snapseed app for Iphone | Free

✔️ Snapseed app for Android | Free

Created on the Snapseed App

Snapseed says: Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google.

We Say: Need we say more? If you’re looking for a more “traditional” image editing app then Snapseed is the way to go. We use Snapseed to edit product images like the one above from our “Ultimate Livestream Setup for £100” BlogThink of it as a mini Photoshop for your phone.


Epic Image App #5  

Canva | Not a Designer? Now You Are!

✔️ Canva app for Iphone | Free

❌ Canva App for Android | Sorry! No Canva for Android users (but you can use the desktop version)

Created on the Canva App

Canva says: Create beautiful designs and professional graphics with Canva. Edit photos, add text, elements, stickers, borders, frames and more. Get started in seconds with more than hundreds of professional templates and tweak them to suit your need.

We Say: You may have heard us bigging up Canva in the past. We talk about it a lot because if more people knew about it, it could save their businesses a huge amount of time and make them look more professional. We use Canva to design all of our Blog header images, Images to promote our blogs on Social Media (like the one above), Our YouTube Thumbnails, and a lot of other stuff too! The truth is we don’t pay a dedicated designer within our business… but we do have Canva.


If you’ve liked this blog post and you want to grow your business online we know you’ll like our Top 5 tools to create amazing videos on your smartphone. (Full article here)
⛔ No Excuses… It’s all possible with a Smartphone

In the past you needed expensive software or a designer to produce great images. Now all you need is your smartphone!


Over to you!

Now it’s time to take action! Go ahead and create some Epic images on your smartphone!

We’d love to see them. Share the link in the comments below so that we can take a look. ?

Lloyd Knowlton
Lloyd Knowlton

Lloyd loves being creative and his main creative outlet is Video. If there’s no camera equipment to hand he loves to create short videos with his smartphone and get creative with the limitations that platforms like snapchat provides. Customer experience is another area of expertise and Lloyd loves to work with businesses in retail, hospitality & leisure to help them tell their brand story whilst staying customer focused. Lloyd also loves playing squash, keeping tropical fish and spending quality time with his wife Sarah and baby Leo.