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January 9, 2017
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How To Grow Your Youtube Channel With a Killer Channel Trailer

? Would you like to grow your online audience by gaining more subscribers for your YouTube Channel?

? How about an easy 4 step process to follow?

?¬†We’ve recently decided to focus more on developing our YouTube Channel and we’re going to share our number one subscriber growth strategy so that you can grow your channel with us.

Our New Youtube Channel Trailer

New youtube channel trailer

 What is a channel trailer?

Having an amazing YouTube channel trailer is one of the best ways to¬†gain subscribers. If a viewer sees a video they like and they click through to your channel page, your channel trailer will appear automatically at the top of the page like this. (It’ll look different to viewers that have already subscribed).



If your YouTube trailer does it’s job it can convert one off viewers to subscribers. Subscribers are far more likely to consistently consume and engage with your content.

So how are we sure our YouTube channel trailer will help us grow our YouTube channel?

We’ve done our homework and followed these simple steps…


Step 1: SHOW the viewer what they can expect from your channel ?

Within the first 10 seconds of our YouTube channel trailer viewers can see¬†shots of…

? A shot of Vaynerworld (a Gary Vaynerchuk event).

? Our Co-Founder Dan Knowlton speaking at a Digital Marketing event.

?¬†One of Dan’s digital marketing tutorial videos.

? Dan being interviewed by a top Digital Marketing agency.

? Dan and I having fun in our office

?¬†A shot from Dan’s Snapchat

? Dan interviewing Zoe Cairns. (Digital Marketing Influencer)

So what do you think you’ll get from our YouTube Channel?

You guessed it… Digital Marketing events, Digital marketing tips & tutorials, a bit of fun, and a whole lot of Dan. (He’s a top digital marketing influencer you know¬†?)

There are far too many YouTube channel trailers telling the viewer what they can expect rather than showing them. It’s less interesting for the viewer and far less likely to convert them to a subscriber.

Check out how the Slow Mo Guys¬†show you what you can expect from their channel…

slo mo guys youtube channel trailer


Step 2:¬†Keep it Short!¬†‚Źį

Your YouTube channel trailer has one goal and one goal only… Convert Viewers to Subscribers.

To do this you need to communicate what a viewer can expect from your channel as quickly as possible. We’d recommend 30-60 seconds for a YouTube channel trailer. 90 seconds max!¬†‚Źį

If your channel trailer is longer than this then you’re including useless/irrelevant content or you’ve got so much AMAZING content, and it won’t fit into 90 seconds (It’s rarely the latter, even if you think it is).

Just remember… One goal, converting viewers to subscribers.


Step 3: Ensure Your Channel Trailer Is Your Best Content ?

Wait… what?? ?¬†But it’s just a channel trailer. It’s not a proper video!

Your YouTube channel trailer is your biggest tool to sell your other video content.

? When you turn up to a job interview you wear your best suit.

? When you sell to a new client you show them your best products.

? When you turn up for a first date you tell them about the time you spend doing charity work (not about the time you spend sobbing & eating ice cream alone).

? When you set up your YouTube Channel trailer you show off your best content!


Step 4: Always include a call to action!¬†‚úĒÔłŹÔłŹ

So you’ve done the hard work. The viewer has clicked on your channel page and they like what they see on your channel trailer, but if they don’t click that subscribe button they may never see your content again.¬†?

We all need a reminder once in a while. My wife tells me I need more than one reminder for almost anything. So make sure that during the video you tell your viewer how they can subscribe. You may have noticed that we included a clear call to action during our channel trailer (“Click on this man’s face to subscribe”) and then another reminder right at the end of the video with a big “SUBSCRIBE” next to our logo.

We all need a nudge in the right direction once in a while. Make sure you don’t miss this crucial step!


Talking of calls to action. I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’ve got a great YouTube channel where you can pick up loads of Digital Marketing tips & tutorials.

We’d love you to check it out by clicking here. Thanks¬†?



Lloyd Knowlton
Lloyd Knowlton

Lloyd loves being creative and his main creative outlet is Video. If there’s no camera equipment to hand he loves to create short videos with his smartphone and get creative with the limitations that platforms like snapchat provides. Customer experience is another area of expertise and Lloyd loves to work with businesses in retail, hospitality & leisure to help them tell their brand story whilst staying customer focused. Lloyd also loves playing squash, keeping tropical fish and spending quality time with his wife Sarah and baby Leo.