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10 Video Marketing Tips From 10 Video Marketing Pros

ūü§Ē¬†Would you like to improve your online video marketing strategy and supercharge your video content?

ūüďĻ¬†Do you want advice you know you can trust from the top video marketing pros?

‚Ź≤ÔłŹ We’ve collated 10 strategies from the best of the best in online video marketing so that you don’t have to waste time trawling the web for the best advice.


1.¬†Camera Gear Doesn’t Matter

From Casey Neistat | Twitter | Youtube |

Casey Neistat needs no introduction due to his¬†1,460,161,804¬†YouTube views… but if you do need an introduction, Casey was one of the biggest vloggers on YouTube (until he recently ended his vlog). He is the¬†creator of HBO series ‘The Neistat Brothers’; He has also worked on films for big brands like Nike & Samsung. He’s a pretty big deal.

Camera Gear doesn't matter - Casey Neistat

In this video Casey Neistat makes a great point about the diminishing return you get from camera equipment. If you can upgrade from a ¬†$50 camera to a $100 dollar camera you get a lot for your increased investment, however the difference in quality between $1000 camera and a $6000 camera really isn’t that noticeable. It’s what you do with the camera that really counts.


2. Get Your Videos Noticed!

From The Video Influencers | Twitter | Youtube |

Benji Travis (BenjimanTV) and Sean Cannell (seanTHiNKs) Interview Top YouTubers, Video Creators, and Business Owners that create epic video content.

Their Video Influencers YouTube Channel is a great place to Learn their secrets, mindset, tips and best advice.

Get Your videos noticed! Video Influencers

In this video Sean and Benji outline seven strategies for getting your videos and social channels noticed. These are all strategies that you can start implementing today!


3. Master Composition & Framing

From Darious J. Britt (AKA D4Darious) | Twitter | Youtube |

Darious shares tips on film making, screenwriting and directing. He’s a Director/writer/Producer and creates some really entertaining content. Most of his videos focus on the art of film making rather than online video for business, but anyone creating video content can learn a lot from his YouTube Channel.

MAster Compostition and framing - D4darious

Composition & Framing is important when creating any type of video content. Even if you just pick up the simplest rule of composition (The rule of thirds) from this video you can really take your video content to the next level.


4. Write Video Titles That Get Views

From Tim Shmoyer | Twitter | Youtube |

Tim Shmoyer runs an amazing YouTube channel called Video Creaters. His main focus is the strategy of how to leverage YouTube as a social media platform and use it to build an audience that cares about your message.

Write Video titles that get views - Tim Schmoyer

The title of your video may seem fairly insignificant because you know how to write a title right? Wrong! The truth is that tiny¬†changes in a videos title effect whether it’s the number 1 ranked video for your particular area of interest or it only gets seen by 23 people.


5. Add Captions To Your Online Videos

From Dan Knowlton | Twitter | YouTube |

Dan Knowlton is the Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing. He specialises in Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Social Media Marketing. He is ranked #12 most influential¬†digital marketer on twitter and writes for Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute & Jeff Bullas’ Blog.

Add Captions to your online videos - Dan Knowlton

Dan’s expertise in Social Media Marketing means he knows how important captions are, especially on Facebook videos. 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. This stat alone shows you that without captions you are really limiting the number of people you’re reaching with your video content.


6. Be Confident On Camera

From Veena V | Twitter | YouTube |

Veena V loves to help her viewers become more confident and creative on camera. Every week she shares the secrets of successful YouTubers and tips and tricks to improve your online video.

Be Confident on camera - Veena V

Some of us love to show off in front of the camera, for others it can be an absolute nightmare. The fact is, people buy from people and if you want to promote your business well, your customer will appreciate seeing the people behind the brand. Try some of Veena V’s confidence tips and give it a go!


7. Use The Best Tool For YouTube Creators – TubeBuddy

From Derral Eves | Twitter | YouTube |

I’d like to introduce you to Mr YouTube! Derral Eves is a YouTube and Video marketing consultant¬†that knows just about anything to do with YouTube and video content.¬†

Use the best tube for youtube creators Tubebuddy - Derral Eves

In this video Derral discusses the top tool for YouTube content creators… Tubebuddy. Derral claims that it has changed his workflow and saved him over 10 hours a week. We use Tubebuddy here at KPS Digital Marketing and it really is a fantastic tool. If you’re uploading video content to YouTube this will¬†make your business a lot more efficient!


8. Use Facebook Targeting To Find Your Audience

From Gary Vaynerchuck | Twitter | YouTube |

Gary Vaynerchuk AKA GaryVee is the CEO of Vaynermedia and¬†a big personality in the Digital world. Vaynermedia¬†is a brand consulting agency with a focus on social media. If you know digital marketing… you know Gary Vee.

Use Facebook targetting to find your audience - Gary Vaynerchuk

Facebook is known as the best social platform for targeting specific audiences. In this video Gary emphasises this point and explains why specific Facebook targeting is the best tool to increase relevant views on your video content.


9. Convert Video Viewers to Subscribers With Your Channel Trailer

From Lloyd Knowlton | Twitter | YouTube |

I’m Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing and my main focus is Online Video Marketing. I share lots of strategies and tips that help brands sell products and services using online video. I recently wrote a blog called¬†How to grow your YouTube Channel with a Killer Channel Trailer¬†alongside our YouTube channel below.

Convert Viewers to subscribers with your youtube channel trailer

The reason why I wrote this blog and why we decided to create a new YouTube Channel Trailer was that I saw how effective a strong channel trailer was at converting one off viewers that may never see your content again, to subscribers (regular viewers of your content). If you don’t have a YouTube Channel Trailer, you’re missing an opportunity every time someone views one of your videos on YouTube.


10. Starting¬†From Scratch…

From The Video Influencers | Twitter | YouTube |

They’re so good we had to include them twice… Here’s Sean and benji with some more great advice.

starting form scratch with no video content on facebook or youtube

We all have to start somewhere right? If you’re not currently creating video content, or if you are, but you’re not getting the results you want, these guys haves some great tips to help you get viewers and subscribers and get your message out there.


Have you got any more tips or strategies that can help improve video content or video marketing strategies? We’d love to hear them. Let us know in the comments, tweet me or ¬†tweet the KPS Digital Marketing team.



Lloyd Knowlton
Lloyd Knowlton

Lloyd loves being creative and his main creative outlet is Video. If there’s no camera equipment to hand he loves to create short videos with his smartphone and get creative with the limitations that platforms like snapchat provides. Customer experience is another area of expertise and Lloyd loves to work with businesses in retail, hospitality & leisure to help them tell their brand story whilst staying customer focused. Lloyd also loves playing squash, keeping tropical fish and spending quality time with his wife Sarah and baby Leo.