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Thanet District Council

Social Media & Digital Marketing
Workshops (20 - 100 people)

Thanet District Council


Thanet District Council is the local council for one of the greatest places on earth...KPS Digital Marketing's home town.

Over the past 2 years we've worked with the Tourism and Communications department of Thanet District Council to develop and deliver a number of digital and social media marketing workshops to local businesses and in-house teams.

We also worked with the tourism team to develop their 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Goal

🎯 Develop and deliver a variety of workshops that help local businesses better market themselves to drive more tourism footfall to Thanet.

🎯 Develop and deliver a video marketing workshop that educates, motivates and inspires 100+ members of the tourism and communications team to improve their use of video in their marketing efforts.

🎯 Work with the tourism team to develop their 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy.

A lot of businesses would prefer to upskill their team rather than outsource digital and social media marketing to an external resource.

We personally feel that having an internal digital and social media marketing team/ person, with the right skills and knowledge, is a lot more effective than completely outsourcing it.

The challenge is to find a credible company, at a reasonable price, that will not only teach you and your team the skills they need, but also motivate and inspire them to put what they have learnt into practice.

How we helped

Before starting any of the projects, we met with the relevant team to identify and understand what they wanted to get out of each project.

We then set off planning, and preparing each session with the priority of not just educating, but ensuring the attendees had fun, got involved and had actionable pointers they needed to implement.

We delivered the following workshops;

✅ Digital Marketing Strategy Development

✅ How To Use Short Video To Promote Your Business

✅ How To Effectively Use Storytelling on Social Media

✅ Intermediate Social Media Marketing

✅ Marketing On A Shoestring

The Results

After each workshop, delegates were asked to fill out a feedback form.

🌟 85% of delegates rated Dan's content 5 out of 5 and 15% rated the content 4 out of 5.

🌟 89% of delegates rated Dan's delivery 5 out of 5 and 11% rated the delivery 4 out of 5.

"KPS Digital Marketing has delivered several workshops for us in the past two years, including a team digital development planning workshop and various digital and social media training workshops, which we provide for our local tourism industry partners for free. We have had excellent feedback from participants who found the workshops informative, full of practical advice and good tips and fun to participate in. We would certainly work with Dan and Lloyd again and would not hesitate to recommend them – they feel like an extension of our team."

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