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Daniel Knowlton on Chris Ducker’s Podcast

🙌 Chris Ducker is an incredible entrepreneur with a well known Podcast which goes out to 250,000+ listeners!

🔍 I’ve been following Chris (in a non creepy way) online for the last couple of years and he’s been a huge inspiration for me. I couldn’t believe it when he reached out and asked me to be on his show!

👌 My favourite quote from Chris in the show (I’m allowed to blow my own trumpet every once in a while) was;

16:24 “A year and a half in you’re already a hop, skip and a jump ahead of where I was a year and a half in, I can tell you that right now”

There’s a taster of the Podcast intro below, >>> click here to listen to the full Podcast <<<

Chris Ducker Podcast with Dan Knowlton - Understanding the Power of Digital Storytelling
Daniel Knowlton
Daniel Knowlton
Dan is the award winning Co-founder of KPS Digital Marketing who was named #12 Most Influential Digital Marketer on Twitter in the world in 2016 by Onalytica. Dan is a contributor for a variety of key marketing publications including Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and Jeff Bullas’ Blog. He is also a keen speaker and has spoken at events internationally for a variety of organisations including NatWest and The Royal institute of Chartered Surveyors. Dan has a passion for helping others learn how to get to grips with Digital Marketing and is obsessed with providing value for his community.